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NLFIA Seeks Employer Input into a Strategy for a Sustainable Workforce for the Forest Sector



October 1, 2021


Forestry has a long and storied history in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is based on sustainable management of a renewable resource that provides a broad range of economic, social, and environmental benefits. The sector is key to the province’s economy and is presently valued at $383 million and supports more than 5,000 direct and indirect jobs. However, the industry is currently facing numerous workforce challenges. The NLFIA is looking to assist the forest sector by developing a clear and multifaceted strategy to help attract and retain key talent.


“A survey conducted for the Atlantic Canada forest industry found that the average age of forestry workers now exceeds 55, and a key challenge for business noted in the survey was attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining quality talent. These issues are acute in Newfoundland and Labrador which faces an aging and declining population, particularly in rural areas where major forestry operations exist.” Bill Dawson, Executive Director, NLFIA.

To help address these challenges, the NLFIA has launched an Attraction and Retention Strategy project for the Forest sector. With financial support from the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills, the project will undertake research, as well as extensive consultations with industry stakeholders

Beginning this week, Forest sector employers can expect to receive survey information by mail. Participants will receive detailed directions, and personalized login information, to access the online survey, and the NLFIA is kindly requesting that all employers take time to participate in this important work.

To learn more about the survey or to request personalized access, please feel free to contact the research team.

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Attraction and Retention Strategy Project Contact:

Peter Robichaud

Executive Director, Canadian Woodlands Forum

Office: 902.897.6961

Cell: 902.899.6420

NLFIA Media Contact:

Tammy Higgins, RPF

Communications & Public Relations

Telephone: 709.638.5876

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About NLFIA – NL Forest Industry Association

The NL Forest Industry Association (NLFIA) represents 96 percent of the province's commercial forest resource production. Valued at $383 million annually and providing direct and indirect employment to over 5,000 people, the sector contributes significantly to the rural economy of Newfoundland and Labrador. Established in 2017, the Association's founding members believe collaboration and partnerships are key to strengthening, growing, and transforming the forest industry in the province.

Advocacy, Education and Promotion are the primary functions and strategic areas of focus for the Association.


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